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01:29 am 04/02/2015
Trash Services

Spring Cleaning May!


2015 Spring Cleaning Flyer Proof 2.JPG 

   Annual City-Wide Spring Cleaning program starts May 4, 2015.  They will start in Ward 1, completing one ward each week until completed.  Residents are asked to put out those items on Sunday to ensure their items are collected that week.  If you are unsure of your ward, you can look at your voter registration card, call the County Clerks office (741-8428), or call the Mayor's office (741-2777) to locate your ward.


Because winter is near, please be aware of Inland's policy on
inclement weather pick-ups of trash:

  Inland Waste Sanitation Services

 Starting January 1, 2013, Inland Service will be providing trash hauling for the city.  To obtain rates for trash pick-ups, pick-up information, additional pick-ups or other matters, you will need to call Inland.  Their office is located at 805 Cottonwood Road, and their phone number is:    870-204-6690.  Click on blue link above for a map of location. 



More information available:
 1.  Residents will receive 2 blue cans. The blue lid is for trash and the gold 
lid is for recyclable.
 2.  No glass is allowed in recycling can.  It may be dropped off at Inland facility on Cottonwood Road.
 3.  Recyclables should not be in bags or sorted.
 4.  Cans should be within 2 ft of gutter; 2 ft apart; 6 ft from parked vehicles.
 5.  Once a month, on the third week of the month, you may set out 1 bulky item (furniture, mattress, toy, push mower, bicycle (no tires), carpet (4'), metal fencing (short length).
 6.  If you move, leave cans at the old residence.  They are   tagged for that residence.
 7.  You will be billed for trash on your water bill, and the charge is $22.26 (including tax).  Unless you are on low-volume and it  
is $20.72.  You may apply for low volume through the    Water Dept if you qualify.
 8.  Drop off service is available at 805 Cottonwood Rd for $5.13 per bag (including tax) for household trash.  No charge for recycling.  Cannot exceed 35 gallon capacity or 40 pounds in weight.

 9.  No charge for yard waste.
10.  Trash cannot be outside the container, and lid must be shut.
Trash must be out by 7:00 a.m.
12.  Routes and days will not change.

For a preview on recycling, we have prepared a guide to educate the Harrison city residents on how this process will work.  Click here to view:  Inland Residential Recycling Guide.  (Will accept newspapers, magazines, cardboard, office paper, cereal boxes, telephone books, brown paper bags, shredded paper (bagged), soda bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles, PVC and other plastics, tin, bi-metal containers, pie tins, clean aluminum foil, aluminum cans.) 

Items that are not acceptable are:  Appliances with freon, batteries, paint, automobile parts, construction material, concrete, dirt, bricks, blocks, tires, liquid waste, dehumidifiers, guns, ammo.

Bulky items may be dropped off at the Cottonwood facility for $22.68.  Acceptable items are:   chairs, couches, small furniture, mattress/box springs, non freon appliances, toys, tools, bicycles (no tires), push mowers, metal (short lengths), carpet (4'), and fencing.




Watch our facebook page: for comments and other answers that we are making available.

Remember, it is unlawful to burn trash in Arkansas.  See this link from the ADEQ:  Don't Burn It!.pdf


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